Loans & Licences

The Native Fishing Association (NFA) exists to stabilize, support, and increase Native participation in the B.C. commercial fishing industry. The organization was incorporated as a not-for-profit financial lending institution and continues to administer a revolving loan fund that has served Aboriginal commercial fishermen in British Columbia since 1985.

The NFA provides financial assistance to Native commercial fishermen by way of carefully designed individual loan programs to best suit the needs and circumstances of each borrower.  NFA usually structures loans to be repaid over a period of 3 to 10 years.

The NFA has also purchased licences to be leased out annually.

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Resources & Links

Updates and reports:

Native Brotherhood http://www.nativebrotherhood.c

Native Voice

FISHERY NOTICE REPORTS– Link to DFO fishery notices, updated daily: Click here

NATIONAL ONLINE LICENCING SYSTEM (NOLS)- The following link is to help fishers complete licencing transactions: Click here

TIDES, CURRENTS, and WATER LEVELS DFO Web Site- The following link provides Tide Tables arranged by city/town/area: Click here

MARINE WEATHER for CANADA- The following link provides marine forecasts for any region of interests in Canada: Click here

MARINE TRAFFIC- The following link allows to track  vessel positions live world-wide: Click here

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